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October 2017

Convert Listeners to Buyers With Your Own Podcast

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Audio on demand is a powerful component to your content marketing program.  Digital habits are shifting and people are spending less time reading written content and more time with active audio and video.  Your own professionally created and branded podcast extends your marketing reach and affordably communicates both timeless and time sensitive topics to an audience interested in what you offer.

King of the Car

While videos are accessed on desktop, iPads and cellphones, most people can’t watch a video while they’re driving.  Radio in the car is noisy and full of commercial clutter.  CD’s are obsolete and lengthy audio books are a time commitment.  Making specialized, short-form audio a very powerful medium.

Your Brand, Where Customers Live

In addition to commute time, podcasts are accessed when video isn’t desirable such as during exercise, outside activities and screen “breaks”.  Reach your potential customers where (and when) they are most open to your message!

Expert Status

Storytelling and the spoken word makes you positionally powerful.  If your goal is to be viewed as an expert, explain a complex topic, emotionally connect to an audience or simply give potential customers a non-threatening channel to get to know you, podcasting is for you.

Content With a Dual Purpose

Make your podcast the cornerstone of an effective content marketing strategy.  Hicks Marketing offers done-for-you content distribution for all of your marketing channels.

Get Started Today

It’s easier than you think.  Your first podcast can be recorded in just a matter of days with the help of Hicks Marketing, your experienced guide.  Send me a note and let’s talk about it.