You Would Make a Great Podcast

By February 27, 2018Uncategorized

I started in the radio broadcasting business when I was teenager after I called a local radio station and asked for a job. I had no idea it would be the next 24 years of my life.

I loved the business and especially the spoken word format. Early on I was behind the microphone, then I was selling advertising to businesses. The last third of my career was developing salespeople, helping advertisers and growing station revenue for ABC/Walt Disney. I loved Radio, a lot.

Things changed, as they always do. I moved from “sales” squarely over to “marketing” and broadened my horizons. Digital, Social, Content marketing and all things non-traditional – I dove in. I’ve sold, bought and brokered advertising of all kinds. I’ve created marketing strategies, marketing plans, value props and slogans. I worked with millions in ad budgets all the way to, “we don’t really have a budget per se…”.

And then – what’s old became new again and I began to work with podcasting as an emerging content channel. The spoken word, delivered right to your iPhone! It was powerful 100 years ago and it’s just as powerful today. Only the technology has changed, and the good news is – you can take advantage of it for your business and start a podcast with a little help from an expert. Not hard, not expensive and very powerful.

Here’s 5 reasons you should be podcasting.

  1. Speaking is easier than writing and listening is preferable to reading.   Which would you rather do, write 500 words or talk about your business? Easy question. A well-crafted episode plan makes for an interesting audio podcast, without the stress of writing. Reading blogs? The current trend is, that’s too much work for most people. Podcasting breaks through.
  2. Podcasts are powerful. They give your customers and future customers a chance to get to know you and your brand. They are a great way to attract leads and a safe place for lurkers who aren’t yet ready to commit but want to know more. And when they’re ready commit – they’re really ready to commit.
  3. They give you positional authority and spotlight you as an expert. People do business with those they know, like and trust. A good podcast can shorten the time it takes to build a trusted relationship.
  4. Podcasts are content marketing. What you say can be re-purposed at length across all of your social channels, making your content marketing program much easier to keep up with consistently over time – without constantly generating original material.
  5. It’s not hard or expensive. But you won’t want to do it yourself. Ask me about a customized podcast plan for your business that is done-for-you, and includes episode planning, production, editing, syndication and promotion.


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