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Marketing Strategy

Execution is everything.  But first, you need a solid plan rooted in an understanding of customers needs and business objectives.  We’ll analyze your value chain, customer experience, demographic targets and market position for areas of opportunity.  Then create an agile plan, with the right messaging on the best platforms for maximum impact.  You’ll appreciate how effective and quantifiable a solid marketing strategy can be for your business.

Content Services

Content marketing drives valuable, relevant and consistent information to a clearly defined group of current or potential customers in order to drive engagement that leads to sales revenue.  As a content marketing services provider we create custom email, newsletters, product sheets, white papers and more.  The most effective content marketing stays consistent and on-brand across all channels.  Let us help you create an integrated program that can be easily deployed for measurable results.

Direct Mail

If you were offered two or three dollars in return for only $1 – would you do it? Of course you would!  That’s what direct mail can potentially do for your business when you deploy a well developed program.  We love direct mail for it’s targetability, trackable return and ability to stand out in a space that’s not heavily burdened these days.  Still, one of the most effective vehicles and it’s affordability will surprise you.  We print locally and take care of everything from design and concept to data services and fulfillment.

Let’s Work Together

Results you can measure.


And Achievements

My goal is to set a new standard of accountability in marketing. If we can bring measurable value to your business, you'll have plenty of work for us.

Alicia Hicks

The number one job of marketing is to drive sales for your business. Everything in your marketing plan should be directed toward that mission and held accountable.

Alicia Hicks

What do I believe? All marketing should get results. Go narrow and deep. Truth is simple. Start with "Why". Tell a story. Keep it positive. Be sure the message meets the experience. Execute and measure. Work with integrity. Know the numbers.

Alicia Hicks

Let’s take the next step and work together.